Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I book a tour to visit your childcare centre ?

Absolutely! Our educators would be happy to show you around our early learning centre. You can contact us via our website message application on our contact us page, send us an email using or calling one of our friendly staff on (02)94563434 to organise a tour.

How do we enrol in the centre and how long until a position is available for my child?

The best way to enrol in the service is to first book a tour of our centre. Look around the facilities and gain a general ‘feel’ for the setting and the staff. If this is a centre you feel meets the needs of you and your family, then you can access our waiting list form by clicking on the waiting list tab above. 

What do I bring and what is provided by the service?

The service provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for all children. Milk will be provided to appropriate age groups at morning and afternoon tea's. Please bring a water bottle with your child's name clearly labelled. 

For Sleeping, We ask that you bring a cot sheet and blanket (clearly labelled), sleep bag if needed and comforter. 

Nappies will need to be provided by families however Wipes are provided for all age groups.

Children will be provided with a red Waratah hat for outdoor play that has a broad brim to cover the face and neck.

Sunscreen is supplied, however you are welcome to bring your own. 

Set of spare clothes (Season appropriate ) 

What are the Service hours and who can collect my child?

Waratah Preschool and Nursery is open from 7:30am-6pm. We are open for 50 weeks a year, closing only for 2 weeks over the Christmas period but open during all other school holidays. We are closed on public holidays.

Children must be collected each day before 5:55pm by an authorised person. If you choose to send someone different to collect your child, the staff must have this in writing and identification of the person will be checked before any child is allowed to leave the centre.

How do I know if the centre is right for my child?

Families all have different needs for their lifestyles and are looking for different things being offered from their child care service. The best way to know if a centre is the right fit for your child and family is to make a visit. We do ask that you please contact  the centre to arrange a time that suits both parties. The reason for this is that while we would like to commit to showing you around our services, we must give priority each day to settling and talking to the children who are enrolled before their parents leave and when they are picking up. This is a big part of our ongoing relationships with our children and their parents and we do not wish to unsettle these children either.

When you do visit, you need to gain a feel for the atmosphere, how children interact with the staff, the tone of the settling, the relationships on display between staff and children and staff themselves. Are they friendly and approachable, willing to share information, do the children appear relaxed in the environment??? Ask friends for their opinion, do you know others who use the service? You will gain a good parent instinct about a centre simply by being inside it.

How do I settle my baby or toddler into a new centre?

The best way to settle in is by becoming familiar. Children sense when parents are apprehensive and they will respond to this. You also know your child very well and hence you will know if they need lots of time to settle or if they will adjust quickly. Obviously visits before commencement will help, come in and stay with your child, play in the environments with them, talk to the staff, develop a relationship of trust as this will help you! Share anything and everything you can about your child, their routine, habits, likes and dislikes, it will all come in handy for the staff.

Complete the Getting to know your child form as this is a great quick reference for staff when in the room and shows the children their family reflected in this new environment.
Call….when you do leave your child for the first time, remember to ring and find out how they are going. The staff are happy to share any information with you during the day and this is usually a better solution than worrying about them when they are fine!

Bring in any familiar items that we can use to provide comfort, this may be more photos, a soft toy, mum’s scarf, dad’s jumper, the grow bag they sleep in at home…anything is useful.


How do I claim child subsidy?

The services are registered and approved for the child care subsidy. This means that you may be entitled to fee reductions off your daily fees or tax rebates. Before commencing child care you must call the Family Assistance office on 13 61 50 and ask to “be assessed for child care benefit”, the customer reference numbers (CRN) for the family assistance office are included on your child’s enrolment form and we will match this in the online database, you need to be sure which parent your child is linked to for child care benefit and provide parent dates of birth as well.

This is how the service is informed of the amount of child care benefit that will be paid by the Government on your behalf and this is reflected on your service statements. You will be able to access your statement 24/7 Via our Xplor App

The Family Assistance Office will advise your eligibility for the child care subsidy. They are open until 8pm, so often 7:45pm is a good time to call. The current subsidies are Child Care Subsidy and Kindergarten Funding (for the year before school).

Ensure sure your child’s immunisation schedule is current as you won’t be able to receive benefits if it isn’t.


What do I do on the first day?

The first day of leaving your child in a new setting can cause any parent to feel very anxious. We strongly suggest that you follow the information about how to settle your child by getting to know the staff.  Let your child know that you will be back and always say goodbye…never leave by sneaking off for them to discover you are gone later, this only helps you and not them and will extend the settling process greatly as you are breaking their trust.

Try not to worry if your child gets upset, part of their establishment of a trusting relationship with the staff is for the staff to work out ways to settle your child, things they like to do and the new arrival routine.

Keep in contact with the centre during the day, you may be choosing to have a shorter day for your child's first day but when you ring they are going great…leave them until your regular pick up time and develop that routine immediately. If they are unsettled, an earlier pick up may help where possible as often when children see other parents arriving this can be unsettling until they are confident that their parent is coming back. Just talk to the staff throughout  the day and they will share this information with you. We understand that every child is an individual and all will need a different settling in process.


How can we be involved in the centre?

Our services really appreciate family involvement and there are so many ways that you can be a part of what we do.

You can be a family who collect materials for the programs like natural materials for the classrooms, come along and help on excursions, evaluate  policies or anything in between. One of the most rewarding parts of being involved in your child’s learning is seeing how well children achieve when they are confident in the relationship between the preschool and home. You may like to teach the children a new song, read a story or do some gardening…we love to see families loving what their children are doing so even just reading through your child’s work on display in their classroom helps them to see you care for and respect their learning!

If you have any Further Questions please feel free to contact one of our Friendly staff.